Colin's Books on Perthshire - Crieff & Strathearn

Colin has now written and published four books on Crieff & Strathearn over the last few years . These can be purchased directly from him and will be dispatched immediately on receipt of payment .

* Payment by PayPal and dispatched that day .Please note that this is a secure method and purchasers do not need to have a separate PayPal account .

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Sorry  - now out of print !

Published by Amberley Publishing , Crieff & Strathearn Through Time is a fascinating new concept containing some 180 photographs old and new covering not only Crieff but also Muthill , Comrie, St Fillans , Gilmerton , Lochearnhead , Methven , Amulree ,Braco and Blackford . It compares the original scene with a contemporary view . Many never seen pics highlight this fascinating read - a must for those with an interest in our beautiful part of Perthshire .

Some of the nice things that have been said

"I love this new book! At first I thought it was overloaded with pics but when I read how you joined past and present together and how it was filled with nostalgia and the modern view of Strathearn I just loved it. Didn't lose any of your inimitable style; better I'd say, well done and congratulations."
Jess Smith , author and raconteur

" Fascinating and beautifully thought out and presented - many congratulations "
Crieff resident

"If you like comparing up-to-date views of buildings or streets with how they were in times past then this is the book for you. Each page has scenes from yesteryear matched with recently-taken photographs. There are also anecdotes or a brief description accompanying the pictures. I know Strathearn quite well and enjoyed Colin Mayall's latest work enormously. "

N Sharp North Yorkshire , Amazon Review Page



£8.00 + p & p

As a follow up to last years successful " Crieff and Strathearn Through Time ", Colin is pleased to announce that his latest book More Tales of Crieff & Strathearn is now available .

Somewhat different to his last two pictorial accounts of the Strath , it has over 100 pictures old and new to add , nicely blended to add a little spice to the meat of the written word . The book is divided into three specific sections - people , places and anedcdotes . Perhaps the benefit of this format is that it allows you to pick up and put down without losing the thread of a plot ! The people included perhaps surprise you as to their connection with Strathearn - Jim Bowie associate of Davie Crocket and David Jack who lent his name to that American delicacy Monterey Jack . Some like Ewan McGregor are house hold names in places other than Crieff . Did you know that it was a Crieff man who in all probability wrote Rule Brittania or that the English Football Association was founded by a man from Braco ?



£8.00 + p & p

This was Colin's first book and has established itself has something special .
The Story of Stathearn is not just a history but a collection of intriguing tales , both serious and amusing of this fascinating area of Perthshire once the ancient Pictish Kingdom of Fortren . Here was the oldest Roman frontier in Eurpe and in later times the base of the Earls of Strathearn and their violent confrontation with Robert the Bruce .



Sorry now out of print !

Printed by Tempus and reprinted by The Historic Press , this pictorial study of the Strath is currently out of stock . Please allow 10 days for dispatch .



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