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College Buildings Crieff about 1840

Hi there ! I am Colin Mayall and I live in Crieff. I am a genealogist ( big word for someone who spends half their life digging up family roots ! ) and an author . Check out my "Blog" for full details about my activities and interest . http://caledonianconnectionsgenealogy.blogspot.co.uk/

I want to bring to you some of the fascinating and oft forgotten tit bits of local history that I trust will be of interest to you albeit you may be local or a visitor to the Strath !


  1. Excellent Blog Col!

    Would be interested in finding out some more about the very early Pictish settlements in the Strath.


  2. Hi Colin
    I would love to find out more about the mill and Millhouse, South Bridgend if possible

  3. I would like to know if any battles around strathearn and did the vikings past through strathearn


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