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Six Months Of My Local History Blog

Ben Vorlich & Stuc a Chroin From Bairds Monument
River Earn - Lady Marys Walk Glen Turret From the Knock Crieff Itisnowsome six monthssinceI started writingmy Perthshire -Crieff- Strathearn local history “ blog ” . Incredibly thesite has notched up some5000 hits in that comparatively shortperiod . Lastmonth alone it recorded well over 1000 , perhaps indicatinghow it is becomingbetterknown on the widerstage . The talesof the Strath I research are varied and fascinating . Ourculture and heritage are central to our Scottish nation , then and indeed now .I am delightedthat you havechosen to read the blogsanddo hopethat youwill someday managea visit to ourbeautiful part of Scotland !

What has astounded meisthe international mixofmy readers . As a“ blogger ”, I amprivilegedto know wheremy audiencecomefrom and that has proven areal delight and reward formy efforts . Notsurprisinglythe largestnumber ( some 60% ) come from the UK – the figuresdo notsubdivide into Scotland , England Ireland or…

The Wells of Strathearn - magical , mystical , Holy and ordinary !

Some of the many wells of Strathearn

This Edwardian lass with the hat about to sample the waters of The Jesus Well Crieff  Jesus Well Crieff as it is  now

During my researches into the history of the Strath overa number of decades , I was somewhat surprised to discover the incrediblenumber of wells we have . Many arelisted on current Ordnance Survey sheetsbutmany seem to have disappearedfrom human ken . Themajority seem to have strong religious connotations withmany being namedaftera saint of the old Celtic faith or indeed are pre Reformation Catholic . It is intriguing to discoverwhat particularattributes these holy wellshad and indeedwhat made them so important inby gone years. As you will note from the listing below , they offered a wide range of miraculouscures covering whooping cough to urinary problemsor gout to madness .

What isclear is that the holy wellswerean anathema to the Established Presbyterian Kirk ! Their proximity to many small churches such as Strageath or Struthill w…

Tullibardine Chapel – A Pre Reformation Gem Well Worth A Visit

In my last Blog about the village and Parish of Blackford , I made a brief mention of Tullibardine Chapel tucked away in the north west corner of the Parish close to the prestigious Gleneagles Hotel . I must admit it one ofmy favourite retreatswhen I justwish a bit of peace and quiet away from it all . Tullibardinecan bedescribed as a “ collegiate church “ .

East window

Pre Reformation splendour A collegiate church sometimesreferred to as achantry chapel was a church built by a wealthy nobleman to house a "college" or small community of clerics whose role was to spend their days praying for the health and wellbeing of their benefactor and his family during life and, more importantly, for the salvation of their souls in the after life Many of the collegiate churches that were built in Scotland fell victim to the Reformation of 1560 . Many became ruins or were transformed into parish churches for the larger community . Very few survived unscathed, and fewer still have remained…

The Village and Parish of Blackford

Village and Parish of Blackford

As is the case with Crieff , Muthill and Auchterarder , Blackford is both a Parish and a village. The village in terms of amenity has benefited from the re alignment of the A9 which bi passes it to the south and ensures that a degree of sanity returns to the everyday passage of life !Civic pride in the form of the Blackford Historical Society has helped generate a good level of enthusiasmamongst its citizens.( ) . This is a superb and informative site and well worth a look  !
The demise of hand loom weaving and the once booming brewing trade could have left the village on its economic uppers and transformed it into yet another commuters ‘ haven . The growth of the natural spring water industry and Highland Spring has provided an influx of jobs and an injection of money to the area . The former breweries of Thomson , Sharp and Eadie are long gone but the old buildings that wereThomson’s have been transformed in…

Peter Crerar (1882 –1961 ) “ A pioneer of many interests “

Peter Crerar an outstanding son of the Strath

What strikes me in compiling this list of Strathearn’s illustrious sons and daughters is that the preponderance of self-made men is quite dominant. Lewis Miller, David Jack, Andrew McCowan, Thomas Wright all fall into this category. One must now add the name Peter Crerar – a true son of the soil and someone who achieved an incredible amount in his eighty years. My initial interest in Peter Crerar arose from the web page of Scottish Cinemas , which is a superb record of an age that was. I contributed some info on the old Caledonian Cinema at the junction of High Street and Church Street and functioned in later days as the cinema Bookshop before transforming into a wine bar and pubI had been involved in the original disposal after the Cinema Company decided that the Bingo usage was not pulling in sufficient income for them. It was then that I learned just a little about Peter Crerar but did not at that stage pursue …