Six Months Of My Local History Blog

Ben Vorlich & Stuc a Chroin From Bairds Monument
River Earn - Lady Marys Walk
Glen Turret From the Knock Crieff
It  is  now  some six months  since  I started writing  my Perthshire -Crieff- Strathearn local history “ blog ” . Incredibly the  site has notched up some  5000 hits in that comparatively short  period . Last  month alone it recorded well over 1000 , perhaps  indicating  how it is becoming  better  known on the wider stage . The tales  of the Strath I research are varied and fascinating . Our  culture and heritage are central to our Scottish nation , then and indeed now .I am delighted  that you have  chosen to read the blogs  and  do hope  that you  will some  day manage  a visit to our  beautiful part of Scotland !

What has astounded me  is  the international mix  of  my readers . As a  “ blogger ”, I am  privileged  to know where  my audience  come  from and that has proven a  real delight and reward for  my efforts . Not  surprisingly  the largest  number ( some 60% ) come from the UK – the figures   do not  sub  divide into Scotland , England Ireland or Wales . Second  with some 25% is the USA which gives  me personal satisfaction as many of  my ancestors emigrated across the “ Pond ” particularly to Delaware Co New York State in the 19th century . Our  “ bronze medal ” winner in third  place is one that has  really taken me  by surprise . Proof  that the “ Cold War “ is very much ancient history – it  is Russia !!  (Очень тепло приветствовать всех вас!) . Making up the  top ten in order  are Australia, Germany , Canada , Ukraine  , New Zealand  , Austria  and France . Perhaps the local Tourist Board aka Visit Scotland will take due note !

Thank you friends for reading  my Crieff and Perthshire local history blog

Спасибо друзья за чтение моего Crieff и Perthshire местных блоге историю

Danke Freunde für das Lesen meiner Crieff und Perthshire Ortsgeschichte Blog

Je vous remercie d'avoir lu mon amis Crieff Perthshire et blog d'histoire locale

Gracias amigos por leer mi blog y Perthshire Crieff historia local

I have posted some 43 blogs in total over that  six month period and here are the
“ Top of the Pops ” :

     1.  The Story of Transport in the Strath
     2. Strathearn’s Pictish Trail
      3. ( equal ) The Breadalbane Campbells ( part two )

3.  ( equal ) Witchcraft in Strathearn

5.  The Oldest Roman Frontier

6.  The Story of Weaving in the Strath

7.  The Breadalbane Campbells ( part one )

8. The Crieff Tryst

9. The Cursus of Crieff

10. The Lost Castle of Fowlis







  1. Thanks for these postings. I'm an 'exiled' Crieff-ite (in the fringes of far off Kincardineshire..) but local history from back home always interests me, especially when it links it to my current locale. I look forward to your future posts!


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