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The Witches Maze At Tullibole Castle Crook of Devon

The Witches Maze At Tullibole Castle Crook of Devon

This weekmyeyecaught thenewspaper article and the BBC News story on the opening of the “ Witches Maze “ at Tullibole Castle in the Crook of Devon . Quite an appropriate “blog “ as Halloween approachescomplete with witches , black cats , turnip lanterns and the inevitable guysers !
Tullibole Castle Lord Moncrieff and Lesley Riddoch (  who used to live in Fowlis Wester )at the opening
The memorial however is a somewhat sad reflection on the evil and indeedbizarre behaviour of our ancestors and in particular ourEstablishedChurch . These pillars of society undertook a spate of trialswhich on reflectionmake the Salem Witch Trials across the “ Pond “ resemble a Sunday school picnic ! The Witches Maze at Tullibole Castle commemorates the victims of the Crook of Devon witch trials in 1662.
The castle was once home to William Halliday and his son John who held court over the 'covens' in the village. Lord Moncrieff, who now owns Tullibole,…

St Fillans Perthshire - a look into it's past

St Fillans – a look into its past

Much of the input in thisblogwas published in the “Guide to St Fillans “ about 1980 . It is said that Queen Victoria swithered atonetimebetween St Fillans and Balmoral when shewas seeking a Scottish Estate . Imy selfwas delightedtobe invited to appear in the BBC TVLandward programme in 2010 concerning the villageand its origins .
 Some two hundred years ago it was known asPort of Lochearn and consisted of a fewthatched biggins or cottages. The largest one wascalled Portmore and another was calledPortbeag or Littleport . AboveSt Fillans as we knowittoday lies the remainsof an old township called Morell located to the west of Glentarken Wood . Itwas eventually abandoned at the beginning of the 19th Century when the occupantsmoved down the hill and settled in the cottageswhich had been built atPort ofLochearn . Neish Island In 1817 Lord Gwydyr , whose wife Clementina Drummond, daughter and heiress of James , Duke of Perth , had inherited the vast Drummond …