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The Crieff Burgh Band /Crieff Silver Band

The Crieff Burgh Band ( writtenin the early 1950s ) MacRosty Park c 1920s
Crieff Silver  Band- MacRosty Park  1949

Back Row: D Scott; A McCabe; D Copland; R Boag; W Suttie;
Mid Row: K Blair; C Duncan; D Shepherd; J Oliphant; J Hutchison; C Wilson; F Turner;
Front Row: A Duncan; B Gudmunsson, J Watters; R Dickson (Conductor); G Pluckrose; J Duncan; G Watters.
My old friend Alex McCabe is a Crieffman through and through – a member of a well respected and known family who havebeen around the Strath for more than a few generations. Alexkindly gave me a typed articlewhich had come into his possession and believedto havebeen written in theearly 1950s . Itstitlewassimply “The Crieff Burgh Band “ and the author was unknown . As someonewho spends a disproportionate part of his lifetrawling the local archives I havenot stumbled across this in more than a few decades .It is interesting and informative . To many the namesmentionedtherein willring a familiar chord – Arnott, Roy , Campbell , Ritc…