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Strathearn and Perthshire's Role in the Wars of Independence : Wallace and Bruce .

 Wallace Monument Stirling
Scotland Emerges As A Country AndBecomes A Target For Others
Scotland a s a nation arrived on the scenewhen Kenneth mac Alpin emerged as King of Scotswhen his Dalriata ( modern Argyll ) joinedwith the Pictish kingdom of Fortren in what is nowmodern Strathearn . It wasnot a peacefully worked unification as mac Alpin had defeated the Pictsunder Drust near Scone. There was, as well, a threat from over the water in Scandinavia. Attracted by the wealth of the increasingly important religious centre of Dunkeld, the Vikings based in Dublin in Ireland launched an attack on the Picts and Scots in 839 at Forteviot near Perth . It was the first of many Viking victories and after a succession of raids succeeded in capturing Dunkeld. Constantine , King of the Scots , retaliated and although defeated at Scone in 904 foughtback and won a significant victory in the Battle of Strathearn the following year . Here the Vikings were virtually annihilated and their leader King Ivar…

A look at the historic village of Methven and its Castle

Methven Castle   Methven Village

The village of Methvenlies some10 milesto theeast of Crieff and approximately 7 mileswest of the City of Perth . Likeso manyvillages in the Strath thatsitastride modern highwaysitsuffersfromitssomewhatlinear lay out which seesheavy trafficspeed itswayto places elsewhere ! Scratch the surfaceof this wee placeandyou comeup with a plethora offascinating facts about its heritage and historical past. Just off Main Street lies the Methven and LogiealmondParishChurch built in the 1780s and so typical of the parish churches of this periodwefindscattered about Strathearn .Builtby local masons James Watt and John Taylorand a wright called James Anderson , it was in its original statesomewhat devoid of the imagination ofdesign . The additions of the 1820s made up for this in nouncertain way and the little kirkwith itseye catchingbelltower or bell cote is undoubtedly one of the most attractive church buildings in the area . The organ within the churchwas origina…