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Crieff Shops and businesses 100 years ago ( names & places ) - Part Two

List of the Retail and Business Outlets in Crieff in 1913/1914 giving name of proprietor and address - Part Two
One Hundred Years Ago !
This is Part Two of the Blog  published on the 29th August 2013 I have listed all the names  and addresses of the businesses and professions . Of the ten banks listed only two ( the Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale ) remain . Campbell the Bakers is still in King Street albeit at a different address . Of the other names that still trade  we have solicitors  Graham & Finlayson in Comrie Street , Frank Thomson in East High Street and the Strathearn Herald is still around  but operating from Perth and not Crieff . Such is
change !

Bakers (6)
Hugh Campbell 2 King Street
Crieff Cooperative Society East High Street
David Ferguson 53 King Street
Peter McCowan Comrie Street
WH McKinlay26 High Street
Robert Taylor 50 High Street and 1 King Street
Banks (10 )
Bank of Scotland Galvelmore Street
British Linen CoBank High Street
Clydesdale Bank Ltd West High …

The Strathearn Village of Dunning and its fascinating heritage

St Serfs
We are fortunatein havingnumeroussmall villages and places of historic interestscatteredthroughout the Strath . Undoubtedly one of the villageswhich stands out amongst the best in terms ofboth ancient and modern heritageis Dunning . Located south of the River Earn at thefoot ofthe Ochil Hills , ithas a uniquepast well guarded and protectedby the Dunning Parish Historical Society . The Society has been active over the decades having undertakennumerous schemes aimed at preserving a respectand knowledge of life as it was in thisquiet part of Perthshire Founded in 1992 it currently hasover300 members and apart from awell designed and informative web site it holdsregularmeetings in the village addressedby a variety of speakers on selectedtopicsof interest .
The Society has transcribed various censusreturnsfor the village and these areavailableto downloadare consult on theirweb site . Again in a genealogical vein , DPHS has produced a grave yardsurvey of…

Heritage Restored - The Wild Beauty of Rannoch

Renovation nearly completed 
Rannoch Lodge before the fire  I am consciousof the needto ensure that ourheritage is beingcaredfor andthatfuturegenerationscan appreciate the wonderful fabric of lifehere in Perthshire- the “ big county “ ! Heritageofcourse comesin a variety ofdifferent forms be itin the material fabricof a building , a place or indeed a spokenword . For some considerable time , I havebeen involvedin advisingand assisting in the restoration of one of Perthshire’s oldest houses – Rannoch Lodge , located at the west end of Loch Rannoch . This isa part of Scotlandthat is often missedby thetourist due to itscomparative isolation . Loch Rannoch is some ninemiles in length withroads on both sides . Referredto by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor as the Loch of the Vanquished Clans in his book “ Wild Drumalbain ” itisbetter known perhaps as the Road to the Isles :
Sure by Tummel and Loch Rannoch and Lochaber I will go
By heather tracks wi' heaven in their wiles.
If it's thinkin…