Crieff Shops and businesses 100 years ago ( names & places ) - Part Two

List of the Retail and Business Outlets in Crieff in 1913/1914 giving name of proprietor and address - Part Two

One Hundred Years Ago !

This is Part Two of the Blog  published on the 29th August 2013 I have listed all the names  and addresses of the businesses and professions . Of the ten banks listed only two ( the Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale ) remain . Campbell the Bakers is still in King Street albeit at a different address . Of the other names that still trade  we have solicitors  Graham & Finlayson in Comrie Street , Frank Thomson in East High Street and the Strathearn Herald is still around  but operating from Perth and not Crieff . Such is
change !

Bakers (6)

Hugh Campbell 2 King Street

Crieff Cooperative Society East High Street

David Ferguson 53 King Street

Peter McCowan Comrie Street

WH McKinlay  26 High Street

Robert Taylor 50 High Street and 1 King Street

Banks (10 )

Bank of Scotland Galvelmore Street

British Linen Co  Bank High Street

Clydesdale Bank Ltd West High Street

Commercial Bank of Scotland James Square

Union Bank of Scotland West High Street

North of Scotland Bank James Square

Post Office Savings Bank at head Post Office and Hydropathic and King Street

Savings Bank of the County and City of Perth

Berlin Wool and Fancy Repositories ( 5 )

Miss Aitken King Street

Mrs H Hay King Street

Miss Lowrie West High Street

Miss McIntyre Comrie Street

Miss White 16 High Street

Billposting ( 1)

A Macdonald  Burrell Street

Blacksmiths (12)

George Anderson Commissioner Street

Thomas Burrell Dubbs Head Madderty

Robert Galloway New Fowlis Wester

James Marshall and Sons  Tomacknock and Ochtertyre

Andrew Morris Gorthy Fowlis Wester

William Murray Logiealmond

Peter McNab Cornton Place

James Pringle Mitchell Street

James Rorie Harrietfield

John Stewart East High Street

William Watt Commissioner Street

James Young St Davids Madderty

Booksellers  Stationers Printers Binders and Newsagents ( 9)

Robert Band 40 High Street

JF Balfour Comrie Street

Peter Comrie 23 West High Street

Mrs DD Makinson King Street

George Miller High Street

George McCulloch  11 James Square

David Philips 20 Comrie Street

James Robertson King Street

David Smith West High Street ( and also in  King Street )

Boot and Shoe Makers (10 )

M Allan The Cross

A & DF Cook West High Street

Crieff Cooperative Society High Street

John Dickson High Street

Dundee Equitable Boot Stores 37 High Street

William Mottashaw King Street

D McEwan 22 High Street

MP Smeaton West High Street

James Smith King Street

James Whyte St Davids Madderty

Cabinetmakers (7)

John Caw ( and upholsterer) 50 High Street

William Drummond and Sons Burrell Street

James Halley King Street

Alex Kerr ( and upholsterer ) Hill Street

George Myles ( and upholsterer ) High Street

R McNab King Street

Stothhard and Sons Duchlage Road

Cart and Ploughwrights (6)

James Comrie New Fowlis Wester

James Duff Buchanty

Monteath Bros Commissioner Street

John McKerchar New Fowlis

John McOwan St Davids Madderty

Daniel McRostie Fowlis Wester

Chemists and Druggists ( 4)

F Hamilton 12 James Square

Harley & Watts James Square

Wm McKenzie James Square & Comrie Street

Robert Speedie  25 High Street

China & Glass Dealers (1)

P & PJ Currie 1 West High Street

Coach Builders  (2)

Crieff Motor & Carriage Co Church Street

David Millar & Sons Commissioner Street

Coach Hirers (11)

William Black 1 Marshall Place

William Brown Meadowhead

Robert Donaldson Ferntower Road

John Duff & Son Academy Road

John Halley Gavelmore Street

Roberet Hislop Burrell Street

T & R Lauder Drummond Arms Stables James Square

Thomas Locke Commissioner Street

RE McArthur High Street

Peter Scrimgeour Lodge Street

Henry Smith High Street

Coal Merchants (6)

( all located at Railway Station )

Alloa Coal Co – John Scrimgeour , agent .

Alexander Herron ( and lime )

JohnMenzies ( and lime )

Thomas Muir , son and Patton – William Barlass – agent.

John McOwan

A Stewart

Cycle Agents and Hirers ( 4)

Peter Crerar High Street

James Halley King Street

D McBirnie James Square

D Miller & Sons Commissioner Street

Dentists ( 3)

AP Barrie 6 Burrell Square

George Crighton 28 High Street

James Fraser LDS Comrie Street

Fishing Tackle Makers (2)

James Gibson King Street

Mrs Jack 36 High Street

Fleshers ( Butchers ) ( 5 )

D Comrie King Street

Robert Kemp King Street

John McCulloch & Sons 25 West High Street

William Roy 12  High Street

John Veitch East High Street

Game Dealers and Fishmongers ( 5)

Charles Duncan 2 King Street

Alexander Heron ( game ) Railway Station

John Low West High Street

JD McGlashan High Street

John Menzies ( game ) Railway Station

Greengrocers and Fruiterers ( 4)

Thomas Cuthbert East High Street

James McAra High Street

Donald McOmish 9 West High Street & 25 Comrie Street

Grocers ( 1)

J McFarlane King Street

Grocers & General Dealers ( 20 )

( marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers )

Mrs Ainsworth 91 King Street *

Donald Anderson  St Davids Madderty

A Cameron 7 Comrie Street *

James Cochrane 17 High Street *

Crieff Cooperative Society East High Street

Thomas Cuthbert 2 East High Street

Peter Dakers  Fowlis Wester

Lipton Ltd High Street

A Laing 44 High Street *

William Low & Co West High Street

James Melville James Square *

J & A Miller Comrie Street  *

D & J McEwan & Co James Square *

Thomas McEwan & Co South Bridgend

J McFarlane King Street

Mrs McGregor 56 King Street

Mrs Stevenson Miller Street

William Watson High Street *

Hairdressers (5 )

WJ Bryden King Street

John Cameron East High Street

AP Mills West High Street

Robert McKenzie Comrie Street

D Stewart 60 King Street

Hotels Innkeepers and Hydropathic Establishment ( 15)

Commercial King Street -  Miss Neish

Drummond Arms – Kelly  - James Square

Strathearn Hydropathic Establishment Thomas H Meikle MD manager

Mrs Innes Foulford

McFarlane Fowlis Wester

James Melrose Pretoria

John Miller Harrietfield

Charles McDonald – Star 35 East High Street

A McIntyre Railway Inn King Street

Thomas – Crown Inn East High Street


AJ Forrest – Victoria King Street

Mary Headrick King Street

William Kay High Street

Misses McRae 13 James Square

Joseph Mitchell West High Street

Ironmongers and Hardwaremen (4)
Mark Aitken & Sons High Street

Walter Muir ( and oil merchant ) High Street

Thomson & Lunns 3 King Street

Frank Thomson East High Street

Joiners and Carpenters (9)

J Band Miller Street

John Caw High Street

William Drummond & Sons Burrell Street

D Ferguson Ramsay Street

Monteath Brothers Commissioner Street

Peter McGregor Burrell Street

John McLeod Gilmerton

Duncan Robertson Harrietfield

Stothard & Sons Duchlage Road

Laundries (8 )

Mrs Clark Comrie Road

Mrs Fotheringham Burrell Street

Hydro Laundry Dallerie

Mrs McGregor West High Street

Mrs Munro Galvelmore Street

Miss Smith Milnab Street

Strathearn Laundry Co Ramsay Street

Miss Wilson King Street

Libraries (4)

Peter Comrie West High Street

Free library Taylor’s Trust Comrie Street

G McCulloch James Square

Public Library Innerpeffray

Linen & Woollen Drapers ( 10 )

JCAmes High Street

Donald Anderson St Davids Madderty

Alfred A Diack 24 West High Street

J & J Graham James Square

W Inglis High Street

WJ Lynas High Street

George McNeill James Square

James S Rentoul 20 High Street

David Rodger High Street

A  J Scrimgeour Comrie Street

Manufacturer ( 1)

R & H Hay  ( wool spinners ) Earn Vale Mills Crieff

Millars ( 6)

Peter Anderson Mill of Cultoquey

Alexander Comrie Buchanty

John Fraser Dubheads Madderty

J Miller Bridgend Mills

Robert Taylor Dalvreck

Peter White Milnab Mill

Milliners and Dressmakers ( 12 )

JC Ames High Street

Misses Best 16 High Street

J & J Graham James Square

Mrs Johnstone Burrell Square

Miss Kippen Burrell Square

Margaret McCowan  ( baby linen etc ) 8 Comrie Street

George McNeill James Square

David Rodger Comrie Street

A & J Scrimgeour Comrie Street

Mrs Sharp Burrell Street

Miss Whyte King Street

Miss Wright Miller Street

Millwrights ( 1)

George Morgan & Sons Turretbank

Music Teachers ( 6)

M Dobinson Ferntower Road

Clement A Harris Ellengowan

Miss McDonald Red Knock

Miss McLaren Lodge Street

 Misses Thomson  Myrtle Cottage

JD Turner Burrell Street

Newspapers ( 2)

Crieff Advertiser ( Thursday ) Robert Band High Street

Strathearn Herald ( Saturday ) David Philips Comrie Street

Painters ( 3)

Anderson & Porteous James Square

H Arnot High Street

Thomas Edwards Comrie Street

Photographer ( 1 )

John Trotter Comrie Street

Plasterers ( 2)

J Gorrie Commissioner Street

James Tainsh Millar Street

Plumbers and Gasfitters (4 )

Charles Anderson Comrie Street

Bennet & Ferguson King Street

William McDonald Commissioner Street

Thomson & Lunns  15 King Street

Preserve Makers (1)

J McNee & Son Bridgend

Refreshment Rooms (4)

H Campbell James Square and King Street

Mrs Alex Clark King Street

Mrs Mary Headrick King Street

Wyllie  & Orchison King Street

Saddlers ( 3 )

George Brown King Street

William Cook High street

John Sinclair 19 James Square

Saw Millers ( 4 )

Messrs Peter McAinsh Carrington Terrace

George Morgan Turretbank

Stothart & Sons Duchlage Road

Peter White Milnab Mill

Seedsmen ( 5 )

James McAra High Street

D & J McEwan & Co James Square

Mark Aitken & Sons High Street

Donald McOmish West High Street and Perth Road

F Thomson East High Street

Slaters ( 2 )

Alexander Drysdale Burrell Square

George Philips  Addison Terrace

Solicitors ( 8 )

DT Clement Addison Terrace

Colville & Drysdale Comrie Street

Malcolm Finlayson Depute Sheriff Clerk etc Comrie street

Graham & Finlayson Comrie Street

Graham Mickle & Co West High Street 

T McDuff  Hill Street

James MacRosty , MacRosty & Reid West High Street 

Charles DM Ross procurator fiscal High Street

Stonemasons & Builders ( 5 )

Alexander Crerar North Bridge Street

William Ellis Carrington Terrace

Peter Keay Harrietfield

R McRobbie Perth Road

Wyllie & Son Dollerie Terrace

Surgeons ( 6 )

M Burnett MD Comrie Street 

DR Dobie MD  Surgeon James Square

James Gardiner MD Coldwells

J Haig Viewfield

A McEwan MD Thornhill

Alex Stewart MD Ivy Lodge

Tailors & Clothiers ( 14 ) 

Robert Allan King Street

JC Ames 2 High Street

Donald Anderson St Davids Madderty

K Buchanan  East High Street

J Gloag King Street

James Gorrie Harrietfield

J & J Graham James Square

William Inglis High Street

James McIntyre Comrie Street

Alexander McLeish Comrie Street

AM Myles 23 James Square

A & J Scrimgeour West High Street

P Smith East High Street

Urquhart King Street

Timber Merchants ( 4 )

Messrs McAinsh Carrington Terrace

Lewis Miller Ferntower Road

George Morgan Turretbank

Hugh Morgan Broich Terrace

Tinsmiths ( 2 ) 

Mark Aitken & Sons High Street

Archibald Thomson 15 King Street

Tobacconists ( 9 ) 

WS Bryden King Street

AJ Gordon James Square

Mrs Jack 36 High Street

R McKenzie Comrie Street

McLaren King Street

Alex Paterson King Street

Robertson King Street

D Stewart King Street

Taylor 3 West High Street

Undertakers ( 8  )

John Caw The Cross

Drummond & Sons Burrell Street

W Ferguson Ramsay Street

Alex Kerr Hill Street

Monteath Bros Commissioner Street

Peter McGregor Burrell Street

MD Stewart High Street

Stothard & Son Duchlage Road

Veterinary Surgeons ( 4 )

George Anderson VS Commissioner Street

Andrew McGergor King Street

John Robertson Madderty

William Watt Commissioner Street

Watch & Clock Makers ( 5 ) 

Hector Dick East High Street

James Dyer 17 West High Street

John Kippen West High Street

John McOwan James Square

George McKenzie King Street

Miscellaneous ( 13  )

Andrew Allison Burgh Inspector James Square

James Bain cooper & fancy goods dealer High Street

Mrs Burke broker East High Street

Crieff Aerated Water Co Ltd ( James MacRosty secretary)

George T Ewing architect Pitkellony Muthill

Charles F Ewing architect

William Finlayson architect

Duncan Forbes Hill Street ( * no occupation stated )

Peter Halley contractor Gavelmore Street

Harley & Watts chemists & aerated water manufacturers

Alexander Herron potato dealer & manure manufacturer Railway Station

Mitchell Bros & Co Ltd distillers Glenturret Distillery

James McNee & Sons preserve makers


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