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Jacobites in Strathearn ( Part Two )

The defeat at Culloden however was a signal for the Hanoverian establishment led  by the odious Duke of Cumberland aka “ Stinking Willie “ to carry out a campaign of virtual genocide  to eradicate a  culture , a people and a proud society . Much has  been written  regarding support  for  the Jacobite cause in Scotland as a  whole. In Perthshire Strathearn we  find  much distortion of the truth mostly  spun  not by the English politicians  but mainly  by the fanatically zealous Calvanistic  Presbyterians who had never  hidden their hatred  of the mainly Episcopalian and Catholic Jacobites .
The support within  Strathearn  for the Jacobites was  considerable mainly  attributable  to the fact that the Lairds of the land such as the Drummonds , Murrays and Grahams had raised  considerable  numbers  from their  territories to fight for the cause . Much of this  has  been air brushed from history and accordingly I list below  a synopsis  of  some of those from Strathearn and Southern Perthsh…