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The Meaning of Many Local Place Names Around Crieff

Some Place Names of Strathearn
 School of Scottish Studies  University of Edinburgh 

I recently came across a copy  of a letter  given to me some  time ago by Anthony Murray of  Dollerie by Crieff . It  was  sent  to him  away back in 1991  by Ian Fraser  of the School of Scottish Studies at  The University  of Edinburgh . Mr Fraser  had  looked at  various  place names in the Strathearn area  as a follow up to a talk  given  by him to an unnamed organisation in the town . I replicate  below  the details of  his research which  were contained in the communication .
“ Dollerie has fairly consistent spellings in Dol and Dul , so I assume that it contained dail (O.W. dul, dol ) ‘water meadow ‘ , ‘haugh ‘ as the main element .  The form Dowlarich however , which you quote as being in the 1500s may not be such a misleading form after all . This is clearly dubh-larich ‘ black foundation ‘, from larach ‘ foundation of a house ‘ , ‘footing ‘ .This would support WJ Watson’s  supposition that “ Do…