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Daniel Robertson -a "Lad o' Pairts "** - the local ploughboy who became a millionaire

Daniel Robertson - Monzievaird ploughboy and millionaire 

NOTE :** Scottish idiom - A lad o' pairts is a youth, particularly one from a humble background, who is considered talented or promising. I have researched  more than a few  families  from Strathearn as a professional genealogist .In common with the rest of  Scotland historic and economic  pressures  often  forced  families   to  depart these  shores  for the “ New World “ that is North America  or  perhaps to Australia South Africa or New Zealand  . There was  indeed in the  18th and 19th century a  pattern of  step migration as families  left  many of their rural or Highland roots  to head  for  the  burgeoning Central Belt locations  such as Glasgow or the  mining  towns of Ayrshire or Lanarkshire .
I blogged  some  months  ago about Lewis Miller  - the ploughboy from Balloch near Crieff who became a highly successful timber  merchant and operated  as far away as Sweden and Canada but still retained a strong connection  …

History of the Parishes of Monzievaird And Strowan

Transactions of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Volume 2  By Society of Antiquaries of Scotland ( 1822 )

The Old Strowan Kirk closed to worship about 1802

History of the Parishes of Monivaird And Strowan
In the Archives of the Society
Mr Porteous , Minister of Monivaird
The united parishes of Monivaird and Strowan are almost in the midst of Perthshire , sixteen miles north west from Stirling and thirteen miles west from Perth ; to both which places small ships and the tides come . The inhabited part thereof is a parallelogram of four miles from east to west . , and two miles from north to south : but it has another parallelogram of the Grampian Hills and moorish ground on the north , of four miles in length , and two in breadth ; and a smaller one on the south , of moor , of the same length , but only half a mile in breadth ; and its is bounded on the north by the tops of high mountains; which lie betwixt it and Glen Almond . This glen consists of detached parts…