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A look into some interesting Crieff archives

The Scotsman 10th November 1891
The “ Kind Gallows of Crieff" 

At a meeting of the Town Council yesterday a very interesting relic  was formally handed over to the  Council for safe custody ,this being two parts of the famous Kind Gallows of Crieff , so well known as being referred to by Sir Walter Scott in his Waverley and also mentioned by Lord Macaulay in his History of England ( sic ) . During the great fairs held in Crieff prior to the establishment of the Falkirk Trysts about the year 1770, hanging of cattle stealers  was very common and the Earls of Strathearn and other feudal superiors were wont to hold frequent courts in afield to the south west of the Town, known as the Stayt .The principal highway in the valley of the Earn led east and west past the Gallows Hill , a small knoll nearly a mile  from the Stayt . This place of execution is now embraced  in Crieff and is at present indicated  by a tree , the locality being known as the Gallowha’ . Raiders on cattle and sheep …

Royal MacRosty : The Visit of William and Kate , Earl and Countess of Strathearn