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Crieff’s “ Dad’s Army “ – the Home Guard of World War 2

Crieff Home Guard

After the onset of WW 2 , the safety of small towns  such as Crieff was in the hands of  what was termed  the LDVF – the Local Defence Force Volunteer This somewhat cumbersome title  was  changed  on the 9th of August 1940 to the Home Guard . The BBC series  Dad’s Army ran from 1968 to 1977 with a number of well known “ vintage “ actors of the time including  Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring ( pronounced Manner - ing ! )  , John Le Mesurier as Sergeant Wilson, Clive Dunn as Corporal Jones  and a host of others . This  sit com was based very much on the belief  that the Home Guard  was  made  of bumbling  incompetents  who were either  retired  or were in reserved  occupations .My own father  who was employed in the general office of  a large steel manufacturing company in the West of Scotland fell into  the latter category and I know how  seriously they took their task in their contribution to the Nations defence .

I have in my possession a document entitled  “Diary o…

Castle Cluggy and Loch Monzievaird , Ochtertyre

Castle Cluggy and Loch Monzievaird, Ochtertyre

Loch Monzievaird ( above ) 

Sir Patrick Keith Murray with the castle in the trees 
behind the crannog 

Castle Cluggy

We have discussed at some  length in these “ blogs “ the presence of  crannogs  or artificial islands  in Strathearn and north in Loch Tay in ancient Breadalbane in April 2013 ( These are an incredible reminder to us  how and where our ancient forbearers dwelt and existed at  time  when native  soil was inhabited by wild animals as well as aggressive natives ! Loch Monzievaird  has  excellent examples of these crannogs  but in addition  on the north shore  lies one of Strathearn’s ancient dwellings , namely Castle Cuggy . Located and accessed from the west at Loch Mozvievaird Chalets , the Castle is very old , being described in 1467 as being “antiquum fortalicium” – an ancient castle ! Tradition has it that it was the home of the Red Comyn the pr…
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