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Tullibardine Castle and the Pride of the Scots Navy !

Proposed 18th century Adam alteration to 
Tullibardine Castle

                                The Great Michael 

I ran a “ blog “ in    August  2012 on Tullibardine Chapel

Directly north of the Chapel is a large field It was in the  centre of this that the now demolished Tullibardine Castle stood .There is a connection  between the church and the castle . The Chapel was built  by Sir David Murray  away back in 1446 and it became the traditional burying place of the family – the Murrays of Tullibardine – until they moved northwards  to Blair  Castle near Pitlochry . The Castle which was demolished in 1830 was built in the 13th century by the Murray family and was the first Murray  habitat in Perthshire. A Murray  had  married Adda  , the daughter of the Seneschal of Strathearn , thus acquiring the lands of Tullibardine .

Pont's map showing the castle 

The Murrays were  to grow…

A Walk Around Old Crieff in the Steps of the Drovers

When the Crieff Tryst ( Cattle Market ) was active , our little town was , for a month in October , a bustling frenetic place . There was an intriguing mixture of hardened  Gaelic speaking Highlanders and quick talking Lowland cattle dealers forever on the look out for a quick deal and profit . Many of the Highlanders came from the West - from Kintyre, Skye and other parts  of Argyll- the Dalriata of Celtic legend . 

They made their way to Crieff by traversing the south bank of the Earn and crossing into the town by Gallowford ( Ford Road ) , passing the Kind Gallows  and entering the free pasturage that was the Acrelands in what is now the Market Park . 

Market Park or the Acrelands was where the good citizens of Crieff could graze their beasts without hindrance or charge  and where the drovers rested their cattle before the start of the Michaelmas Tryst . There were a number of sites about the town where the cattle were kept prior to sale . 

Small cairn and plaque and cairn erected by …

Fowlis Castle - A Forgotten Part of Strathearn’s Heritage

Once the Powerbase of the Earls of Strathearn now a pile of stones .

It does  look  from afar a bit like a Christmas pud on the festive table , just a large mound arising  out of a sloping farmer’s field ! That , good folks,  is all the remains  of Fowlis Castle- the locus  for generations  of the  power base of the mighty Earls of Strathearn !

The west walls  overlooked the Downie Burn - a naturally defensive position
For what was undoubtedly one of the most important  structures in the  Strath it has  been  totally neglected and forgotten – a somewhat sad  reflection  on the importance of our  heritage in the eyes of our political caretakers !
What  compounds the  general confusion over the Castle  is that there are in fact two  other castles  of the same name in Scotland – one  near Dundee and another near  Evanton north of Inverness ! The spelling does  vary  between  Fowlis and Foulis and it is  not  made  any easier  by the pronunciation  which is “ Fowls “ ( as in a number of hens …

The Ancient Church of Strowan Near Crieff

Strowan Church 
In the 19th century there were  over  940 ecclesiastical parishes in Scotland .These  parishes were administered  by the established church that is  the Kirk or the Presbyterian Church of Scotland who were after the Reformation the successor  to the Catholic Church in Scotland  . In the majority of  cases these parishes had  their origins in pre  Reformation days and  many of the older  parish churches still survive albeit often  in a  ruinous  condition . One  little  gem that remains although in a somewhat ruinous condition  is that of Strowan Church near Crieff .  

Just the walls remain

Baird's Monument close by 

The over grown entrance to the Kirk
17th century memorial in the church

Memorial in the interior  in Latin  dated 1684  

The window  on the rear wall above  where the alter would have been located 
Old and new 

Strowan  was a Parish in its own right   until the 1600s when it amalgamated with the adjoining  Parish of Monzievaird to become Monzievaird and Strowan…

A Happy New Year from Crieff & Strathearn !

River Earn in May


If you wish to see some pictures of Crieff and Strathearn  in different seasons  have a look at our new “ blog “