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Ardunie Watchtower -and walk the Roman Road !

I am a keen dog  walker  and am fortunate  enough to reside in one of Scotland’s  most beautiful and historic areas . My Border Terrier “ Bo “ enjoys  the countryside and the chance  to explore ! Despite  the  variable weather we regularly  have  to contend  with , these ploys are great fun  ! 
One of our  favourite  jaunts  is to the Roman Watch Tower at Ardunie  near Trinity Gask .It is  approximately equidistant from Crieff and Auchterarder and some 7 miles  west of Perth . Let us , however  be quite honest- there is  no existing Tower - there is just a clearing  in the woods with  an excellent  series  of  descriptive boards  illustrating what Ardunie  was like a way back in the  early  days when it  was constructed around 70 AD  

.  Organic remains in the native settlements show no sign of being destroyed, while farming appears to have flourished.This is shown by the remains of pollen buried in the soil, which indicate that, soon after the Roman conquest, the numbers of weeds starte…

Glen Artney and Auchnashelloch : A Royal Forest and Comrie’s Highland Heritage .

A number of years ago I purchased a  small booklet on Glen Artney in the book shop  that existed for  some years in Drummond Street Comrie. The author was the late Gordon Booth FSA , a superb researcher and accomplished author . He was not a local man since moving to the village  from I believe the Island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides. Since arriving in the area, he  had  read and assimilated much of the history and folk lore of this part of the Strath  .I recall the late Tom Weir ( of the woolly hat ) doing a programme in his Weir’s Way series on Glen Artney an d featuring Gordon Booth . Regrettably  all seven of his little books are out of print although they may be available to borrow through Perth and Kinross Library Service. I have incorporated partial excerpts from his  writings in this blog on the Glen which I duly acknowledge as a fitting tribute to his diligence .

Glen Artney is some eight or  so miles in length from the former prisoner  of war camp at Cultybraggan near  Com…