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Start of Democracy in the Strath

The effect of the Reform Act was considerable. Before 1832 the Scottish Parliamentary electorate had been about 5,000 adult males. Following the passing of the Act, the number of Scottish MP's increased from 45 to 53 and the franchise increased by an even greater proportion, growing from under 5,000 of the 2,300,000 population to 65,000 voters (now covering householders of £10 value in the burghs and property owners of £10 or tenants of £50 rental in the country seats). In Strathearn , as elsewhere things were beginning to become  more democratic . Instead of a handful of  local land owners  standing at the Square and voting publicly for their choice , it  became a  more private and more akin to  modern procedures . Most of the  new voters  in the Strath were  small tenant farmers .Below I have included transcriptions from the new Rolls  for Crieff , Comrie and Auchterarder .

Alphabetical List of the ELECTORS Of The Parish of Crieff In The County of Perth 1832
James Arnot , merchant ,…