Fowlis Castle - A Forgotten Part of Strathearn’s Heritage

Once the Powerbase of the Earls of Strathearn now a pile of stones !

A commanding view from the Castle over the Strath 

                                                  Robert the Bruce - an unwelcome visitor to Fowlis  !      

Having put on  over  100 “ blogs “ in some two years  of  scribing  , I am aware that some of the earlier ones might in probability  have been missed  by  many of  you. One in particular in February 2012 concerned  Fowlis Castle  near the  picturesque  village of Fowlis  Wester to the  east of Crieff . What  compounds the  general confusion over the Castle  is that there are in fact two  other castles  of the same name in Scotland – one  near Dundee and another near  Evanton north of Inverness ! The spelling does  vary  between  Fowlis and Foulis and it is  not  made  any easier  by the pronunciation  which is “ Fowls “ ( as in a number of
 hens ! ) .

Fowlis Castle is a most neglected part of our local heritage . Incredibly it is  no longer shown on the current Ordnance survey maps and is virtually forgotten by one and all .  Bereft of any signage explaining to the curious visitor its importance and significance in years gone by , it is somewhat off the beaten track but quite accessible . Heading towards Perth on the A85 , look for the Newbigging Farm sign on the left hand side about a mile and a half after New Fowlis  and before the road  to the right to Madderty . Turn up and at the farm turn sharp left on the road to Blairmore Farm . The castle mound is about half mile on the left hand side . There are barbed wire fences to keep the sheep in or out so you had better watch your breeks( trousers) !


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