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Stanley Mills – Our Industrial Heritage

Stanley Mills – Our Industrial Heritage.

Part One . 1786  to 1813 . Why the Mill was built and why the Weavers played  such a vital part in Scotland's changing society .

( we acknowledge the information published by Historic Scotland and Wikipedia and used in the  foregoing account of this unique treasure ) .
Stanley is a town ( or perhaps a large village ) named after  Lady Amelia Stanley, the daughter of James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby. In the 1600s the area around Stanley was part of the estate of Earls of Atholl and was also the location of Inverbervie Castle. In 1659 the castle was renamed Stanley House in honour of the wedding of John Murray, 1st Marquis of Atholl and Lady Stanley. When the village was built in the 1700s it took the name Stanley after the nearby house.

No , it’s not quite in Strathearn but  a close neighbour lying just north of the Fair City that is Perth . The Stanley Mills were founded  over 200 years ago  by a group of Perth merchants  with technical  and fi…

Strowan Past and Present

Strowan Past And PresentThe old bridge of Strowan was demolished in the 1960s and replaced with a modern structure about half a mile downstream . This realigned the road from Monzievaird thus virtually isolating the old market place of Strowan and the ancient kirk to the east .
The name Strowan is derived from Saint Rowan who is reputed to have lived in this airt in the mid seventh century . He was  a  Celtic saint who is recorded as having been involved in the contentious debate of the time  over the keeping of Easter . Rowan crossed swords with the formidable Fiaan , Bishop of Lindisfarne in this matter .

Strowan House with the Strowan Cross clearly depicted about 1900
Old Strowan Bridge

New Strowan Bridge
The church has been in a ruinous state for many a long year . This account written in an article penned in the 1880s could well have been written in 2006 .
The ruins of the old Church or Chapel of Strowan surrounded by the kirkyard are near the bridge  . It had been a thatched one store…