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Sir David Baird and his monument at Strowan near Crieff . His story  is the most  popular "blog " to date ! 
1. It is  now four years  since i statrted  writing  my local history " blogs "  and list  below a chronological list of the 155 written to date . It is  straightforward to find and read  any specific one that interests  you . Log on as normal to the web site :
You will note on the right  hand  side it lists  the year and the number of blogs written in that year Click on that  and  you  will see the last  one of that year  Scroll down until you find the one you are after.  Note  that when you see " older posts " at the bottom right hand corner , clicking  on that  will take you further back if required to find your selected blog .

2. What has been the most popular "blog " ? You will see the pic od Sir David Baird and the Baird Monument  above . The story of  this famous  soldier …