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The Episcopal Church in Crieff - A Long Established Part of the Community

St Michael and All Angels  - Lodge Street Crieff

The First St Columba's Perth Road

                                                                       The Second St Columba's Perth Road

Crieff and indeed Strathearn was very much an Episcopalian stronghold up to and indeed after the so called “Glorious Revolution “of 1688/1689 which saw the demise of James Vll and the succession of William of Orange and his Queen Mary.
To appreciate and understand something of the complexities and attitudes of the times is fundamental to passing judgement on events. Apart from the ever present political intrigue amongst the politically powerful in the land, there had been the religious conflict of the 17th century with the “killing times “of the 1680s bringing with it the persecution of the Presbyterians followed abruptly by what has been termed the Revolution of 1688/1689 which brought the Protestant William of Orange and his Queen Mary to the throne of the united kingdoms.  Here in Strathearn…