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Crieff in the Victorian Era by " Dixon " Printed  by  HK Brown, 15 King Street 1897 CRIEFF LIFE IN SEPTEMBER 1896
An Original Account
To know and understand Crieff as it exists in the yearof the DiamondJubilee ofHer Majesty Queen Victoria ,it is necessaryin the first placeto have someyears’ experiencein the town , and in the second placeto have some sense ofobservation . There arecasts, sets , cliques , andcircles , sufficient to makeIndia hide its facein very shame; and there are more public houses, doctors , lawyers , ministers , billiard rooms and churches than in almostanytown of the same populationin either Scotland, Englandor Ireland. If you are in one set , you are notin the other , and if you are in the other, your principal duty is to stickto it . You know the setsby their unfailing attachment ; you know the circlesby their consequential airs ; you distinguishthe castsby the way they carry their heads ; and you can easilydiscover the cliquesby their unflagging attention…