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Samhain or Halloween ?? A Look Into Our Past traditions

Samhain or Halloween ?? A Look Into Our Past traditions

As a war time babe , I recall growing up in the ‘40s and lookingforwardto celebratingHalloween at the end of October . Thingschange with time .In thosefar off days we went guysing with our turnip lanterns to immediate neighbours andafter performingand entertaining them with ashort poem , asongorperhapseven a few stale jokes ,wewouldbegiven our “ Halloween” . This was usually a couple of apples or a banana or orange. I f we were extremelyfortunatewe mightevenbethe recipientsof ahandful of “ coppers “ . Such was the simplicity of life in an age when the internet, mobile phones didnot exist andthe telly was in itsblack and white infancy . The term “ trickor treat“ resided alone across the Pond and was unheard ofin the outlying regions of auld Scotia.The turnip lantern seems to have given wayto its pumpkin cousin which in reflection seems a definite improvement!

This ancient Scottish festival datesbackwaybeyond the Christian era ands…