Two Hundred Thousand Hits - Our Story To Date !

200 000 Hits !!! 

Delighted  to say that  my Crieff Strathearn Perthshire Local History  has now topped 200 000 hits with over 180 Blogs  in 6 years and 3 months .Having written  some four  books on local history , I was determined to have a crack at “ Blogging “ .  It was back in February 2012 that I launched it not realising just how popular the history and heritage of the Strath  was! The first  four years saw the number of hits  climb  to 84 000 but just over  two years later it has  soared to 200 000 . I thought  somewhat naively that I was  catering  for the “ home “ market but indeed  the stats  shown below indicate that nearly half the hits  come from  outside the UK .

Geographical Source of Viewers  to the Blog

1.    United Kingdom      52%

2.    USA                        12.5 %

3.    Germany                 10%

4.    Russia                       9%

5.    Canada                   1.5 %

6.    France                     1.5 %

7.    Ukraine                    1.25 %

8.    Australia                   1.25 %

9.    Irish Republic           1.00 %

10. Spain                        0.5 %

The balance of  10.75 % is spread out over a wide selection of countries and continents ranging from Finland in the North of Europe  to Vanuatu in the  South Pacific ! What is perhaps  surprising is the number of persons  from Russia and the Ukraine  who follow  the stories of local antiquity !

What have been the most popular Blogs ?

2.    The Story of Ferntower House
3.    Glen Artney and Auchnashelloch
4.    The March from Callums Hill Crieff
5.    Crieff Crimes of Yesteryear


Been great writing these Blogs and am so glad that so many of you seem to enjoy them . Remember you can navigate down the lists on the right hand side and make  your pick . To get onto the Blog page  either Google or post the address :



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