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" Dead " good way to improve sales !

Thanks to the Weavers !
If it wasna for the weavers, what would ye do?

Ye wouldna hae your cloth that's made o woo.

Ye wouldna hae your cloak neither black nor blue

If it wasna for the wark o the weavers!

Linen had been a major industry in Scotland for hundreds of years; by 1684 an estimated 12,000 people were employed its manufacture. The industry was stimulated by an act of the Scottish  Parliament of 1686 stipulating that everyone had to be buried in linen winding sheets made from materials which had been grown, spun and woven in Scotland

Weaving in Auchterarder

Weaving in Auchterarder   
                      Growth and demise of hand loom weaving and the mills of the town 

Hand loom weavers