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A Highland Family Saga

A Highland Family Saga

I recently publisheda blogabout my great grand uncle – Dugald McFarlaneand howhewas, by necessity,forcedtoemigrateto Victoria in Southern Australia on an assisted passage .It is often assumedthat theterriblepotato faminewhich hit Ireland in the late 1840s was acomparatively localisedhappening . Not so – the blight that hit the potato crop extended throughout much of Northern Europe. Scotland – and the Highlands in particular , hadbeen subjectto astring ofdisasters affecting many of itsinhabitants ever sincethe cessation of the Jacobite Uprising  (or the ’45as it was generally known ). The virtual genocide instigatedby Cumberland wasboth savage , merciless and a viciousover reaction against a Clan systemwhich was an integral part of everyday life . Thiswas followedby the Clearances- when sheep becamemorerelevantthan their two leggedfellow occupantsof the GĂ idhealtachd. The Famine of the 1840s was the culmination of those difficult times. Mass emigrati…