Leonard Mayall – a war time tragedy                                                  by                                            Colin Mayall   I never   met   my grandfather Lewis Mayall. He died months   after I was born . He was   one of   eight children   born to Edward Mayall and Sarah Chadwick . t There were four boys and four girls. The boys all served in the Army and fought in the First World War. This story is a bout Leonard born in Rastrick West Riding of Yorkshire on the 27   June 1888 . Rastrick was a   small   town famed    for its   brass band   shared   with neighbouring Brighouse . There   were   some   six mills in the town and in the 1901 Census we   find out just how   important   to the economy they were   . Edward Mayall my great grandfather aged 55   was working as a woollen card cleaner, Sarah his wife   aged 49 is not listed as   working and with   a   big   family was in probability looking   after the house . Mary the old

Lady Mary's Walk : Who was Lady Mary ?

         Lady Mary's Walk : Who Was Lady Mary ? It is  one of Strathearn's  most popular  walks . Lady  Mary's Walk runs  from near  MacRosty Park along the Turret Burn and then eastwards  along the banks  of the Earn . Choices  abound and  you can cross over  what  was  the old Crieff - Comrie railway line and  back towards Crieff. Beautiful and spectacular changing  by the season and renowned for its  variety of wild life .  The following is extracted from Porteous “ The History of Crieff “ published in 1912. "In September of this year (1859) the tenants of the ground beside the Turret below the Bridge of Turret made an endeavour to close the road leading by the banks of the river to Lady Mary’s Walk. Happily this selfish attempt was frustrated. Lady Mary’s Walk runs for about a mile westwards from “ Ling a wing ” along the banks of the Earn. It was formed about the year 1815 by Sir Peter or Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre and being a favourite walk of his daughte

Feddal Castle, Braco

Feddal Castle, Braco Introduction : The PerthshireCrieffStrathearn Blogs  have  been posting  now on local history and places of interest in the area for  over  10 years with well over  200 tales of  varying styles and types . This new  blog on Feddal Castle at Braco is of  special interest to me . It is the  first blog   by  my  son Nic and his  family . A team  effort if there ever  was one ! The buildings  have a fascinating  history and have  been comparatively  neglected  by other  local historians despite its proximity  to Braco and   ease of access . The standard of pictures throughout is  high and the script  informative ; Blog Team : Nic Mayall ,Caroline Mayall and Callum Mayall As a relative newcomer to Braco & Greenloaning, I am keen to explore some of the local history and learn more about the area. Braco is rich in history, being home to one of the best preserved Roman camps at Ardoch and also Braco Castle. My curiosity has been piqued more about the history we

VE Day and a Fishy Tale !

VE Day and a Fishy Tale ! Being incredibly old and decrepit, I can probably outdo most of my fellow Facebookers in that I can actually remember VE Day! I was admittedly a mere 1 month and 1 day off my fourth birthday and the following encounter in all probability has relied on parental recall more than a little bit. This   of   course was the era   before   the mobile   phone replaced the ear   transplant   and we   were all rather   na├»ve . My father worked during the War with Scottish steel makers Colvilles in their Glasgow Office. As steel manufacturing was an essential ingredient to the War effort his job made him exempt from military service. Well not quite as   he   was a fully   paid up member of Dad’s Army aka   The Home Guard , As I was an only child and of pre-school age my father used   to opt   for a May holiday   in a the years   when that   month   was regularly blessed   with warm sunny   weather ( or   so it seemed ! ) . We headed off “ doon the water “ to M

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