Gone ! Gone ! Gone!

They All Have Gone !!

It’s quite amazing how many of our fine old properties have disappeared over the last few decades . Below are some that once graced our Strathearn landscape but alas have fallen victim perhaps to the vagaries of inflation combined with one too many repair bills . In some cases a sort of occupational redundancy combined with soaring labour costs put paid to the grandeur of yester year . Below are just some that are no longer with us – gone but I hope not forgotten !


Once the home of the Graeme’s of Inchbrakie , a scion of the Duke of Montrose , it fell victim to the whims of its new owner when sold by the family in 1878 and was demolished . Located north of the entrance to Dollerie House on the Crieff to Perth back road it had splendid gardens and even the ruins of the old castle to gaze out upon !


A splendid mansion once visited by no less than Queen Victoria on her visit to Strathearn with her beloved Albert . Its short life was indicative of the rapidly changing pattern of life thereafter .

Ferntower House


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