The Crieff Coat of Arms

The old arms of the Burgh of Crieff show the Steward sitting on the ceremonial chair on top of the old Stayt or hill in Broich Road holding the scales of justice and in front are the stocks or jougs and to his left the Cross of Crieff . The design of these heraldic insignia is attributed to one Duncan Kippen . Kippen was a Crieff man , a musician , composer and organist , as well as being a more than talented local historian and scribe . Indeed he is mentioned in the preface to Porteous’s History of Crieff and it would appear that much of the local historical information contained therein ,came from his pen . A more avuncular individual than Porteous , he tended to shun the lime light but on reflection must be rated alongside his Perth contemporary Fittes in contribution to research into our past . Both the cross and the jougs are now lodged inside the Town Hall basement area where a permanent display is mounted .


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