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Crieff Community Action Plan 2013 / 2018 - History Repeats Itself !


Delighted to receive the  well laid out pamphlet regarding  the Crieff Action Plan . The problems  related in it  with regard to traffic and our acceptability of the discomfort  to shoppers and pedestrians is  certainly not a  new phenomenon ! I reproduce  a report dated May 1958 ( a mere 55 years ago !! ) which  certainly rings a few bells !

Stevenson - grandfather of RLS - drew up a plan in 1808 for the Perth to St Fillans Canal His  route by passed Crieff to the south With little  alteration  for subsequent development - a relief  road  on this line   would  appear to be the only  real solution to alleviate  a growing problem that will not  go away ! Compare the two docs - deja vu ?
Crieff Community Action Plan
2013- 2018
The A85trunk road is the main east- westbetweenPerth and Oban This road passesthrought…

Comrie Floods of 1898 & 1928


3rd Nov 1898Glasgow Herald
Extraordinary Floods in Central Perthshire

On Tuesday night and yesterday morning in the Central District of Perthshire , a heavy storm of rain was experiencedaccompaniedby a powerful west wind and in the early morning unusually high floods were experienced on the rivers . The River Earn came down in tremendous spate and the water rising far above the banks flooded all the low lying parts and in many places the fields on both sides were covered for miles . In Crieff, Comrie and Monzievaird Districts the flooding was especially severe and from the public highway to Strowan which was coveredby three feet of water at parts , the water flowed right along the railway line to Comrie extending over the broad fields of the Carse of Strowan like vast lakes . Between Crieff and Comrie , by the south roadthe trafficwas practically stopped and on the highway between Monzievaird and Strowan traffic aof any kind was simply impossible .The rural postman between Crieff and …

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Loch Turret above Crieff 11 February 2013 Thanks to everyone who has over our first year logged into the Crieff and Strathearn Local History Blog . I have been surprised and delightede  to find the interest in the Strath has  extended all over the World or , as we say in Scotland , " to aw the airts and pairts ! " The local paper - the Strathearn Herald ran this story last week so as not all of you can buy it in your local store , I have included it here. Strath man's blog surprise internet hit
Feb 8 2013 by Rachel Blackburn, Strathearn Herald
A blog about Strathearn’s local heritage has become a surprise internet hit drawing interest from all over the world.

Well-known Crieff historian Colin Mayall started writing the blog about 11 months ago and has already attracted more than 10,000 hits.

And his readers come from countries as diverse as the USA, Russia, Canada, France, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.

Mr Mayall said: “You can analyse data from Google which tells you who is looki…