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Loch Turret above Crieff 11 February 2013 
Thanks to everyone who has over our first year logged into the Crieff and Strathearn Local History Blog . I have been surprised and delightede  to find the interest in the Strath has  extended all over the World or , as we say in Scotland , " to aw the airts and pairts ! " The local paper - the Strathearn Herald ran this story last week so as not all of you can buy it in your local store , I have included it here.

Strath man's blog surprise internet hit

A blog about Strathearn’s local heritage has become a surprise internet hit drawing interest from all over the world.

Well-known Crieff historian Colin Mayall started writing the blog about 11 months ago and has already attracted more than 10,000 hits.

And his readers come from countries as diverse as the USA, Russia, Canada, France, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.

Mr Mayall said: “You can analyse data from Google which tells you who is looking at your blog and what’s really quite incredible is the diversity of the people who have shown an interest in it.

“The emphasis of the blog is on Crieff and Strathearn so it’s great – if a bit surprising – to have such a wide audience from so many different countries.”

Mr Mayall, who has written four books on Strathearn local history, decided to start a blog in an attempt to share a lot of the local information and stories he has acquired over the years and because he thought it would be good publicity for the area.

He says: “Some of the blogs are quite light-hearted while others are more serious – I write about various subjects which I have information and knowledge about and I also include some photographs.

“Sometimes readers comment about what they’ve been looking at and that’s been very interesting and it’s great that people are engaging with the blog.

“There are a lot of people out there who are interested in local history and I did the blog purely because I believe I should put something back into the community and share the detailed knowledge I have.

“I’m really enjoying doing it and it’s great to stimulate interest in our area.”

So far, Mr Mayall has blogged on around 50 diverse subjects including Romans, the area’s Neolithic heritage (3500 BC), Witchcraft, The Tryst and famous and infamous sons of the Strath.

Other posts have included a feature on the `Last Thatched House in Crieff’; tales about famous Crieff movie star Ewan McGregor and his actor uncle Denis Lawson who appeared in the first Star Wars film and an article about the history of St Fillans.

Of the more than 10,000 hits Mr Mayall’s popular site has received, a total of 56% have come from the UK and 25% from USA.

The country with the next highest number of viewings is Russia followed by Australia, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.

The blog has also received regular viewings from people in China, Japan and the Scandinavian countries.

Interested Herald readers can check out Mr Mayall’s blog by visiting




  1. Crieff deserves to be seen and learned about. Thank you Colin


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