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Crannogs – the amazing artificial islands that abound in Perthshire’s many Lochs

The Reconstructed Crannog On Loch Tay Near Kenmore

Over the last year in these “blogs “ we havelooked at many of the older historical aspects of Perthshire and indeed Strathearn in particular . The Strathwas a haven for the wandering tribes of the Neolithic period that were spreading out over WesternEurope . Spreading out and into a Scotland that was not to emerge as a nation for nearly four and half thousand years .
The ubiquitous standing stones that still stare down upon us from the farm fields all a round are a remnant of the ancient past . Recent archaeological investigations have thrownlight upon the hitherto unknown Neolithic Cursus that bisects the ground that is the new Strathearn Campus . Diggings at Forteviot , some ten mileseast of Crieff , haveturned up numerous finds of this period .A Bronze age gravewas unearthedcomplete with a gold – banded dagger still wrappedin its
4 000 year oldsheath . The significanceof this becamequite clear when the gravewas identified . It hadbe…

The Stayt of Crieff - Site of the Court of the Earls of Strathearn

The Stayt of Crieff
Site of the Court of the Earls of Strathearn

The Old Coat of Arms of Crieff
Site of the historic Stayt of Crieff 2013 - a ploughed field !
Injust over a yearof “ blogging ” our local history here in Strathearn , we have covered a multitude of topics regardingpeople , places and “ things ” !What isclear that this , one of the mostbeautiful parts ofPerthshire – nay Scotland – has an incredible and special heritagethat mustbe protected and projected to a wideraudiencethan just those who dwellby the banks of the Earn !
Sadly much of the recorded history of the area has nowbeen lost by the removal of the detailedinformationfrom official maps . Regrettably present day searchers scouring the well detailed Ordnance Survey maps in both the Landranger ( 1: 50 000 ) or the Pathfinder ( 1: 25 000 ) will do so in vain if they are looking for the historic Stayt of Crieff or indeed Fowlis Castle – ancient home of the Celtic Earls of Strathearn .
It issomething of a concern when …