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Auchterarder in the 1790s - home to the Ryder Cup in 2014 at its Gleneagles Golf Club !

 The nameAuchterarder means “ the summit of the rising ground “ Apart from the town of that name it applies also to the parishwhich was formedwhen itjoinedwith itsneighbour to the east , Aberuthven in the 16th Century .
The main rivers in the parish are the Earn andthe smaller Ruthven , In the 18th centurythere were some 11 millspoweredby thewatersof the Ruthven and made it a vital part of the economy of the parish , From an early date thestone builthouseswere roofedby a grey local slate whichwas notedfor both for itsappearance and its durability .   Although the carrying out surveys and obtaining accuratecensus statisticsdid notstartuntil 1801( with the detailedcensus from 1841 ), we have available figures from a survey carried out by Dr Webster in the 1770s He calculatedthat there some 1194 persons in the parish. By the 1790sthis had increasedto a total of 1670 souls with 805 males and 865females .The splitdown between town and village andrural living showed that there were 798…

A Roman Fort on the Edge of Their World

Fendoch The Forgotten 

I accumulatedamongstmy post cardcollection of Crieff and Strathearn a late Victorianor early Edwardian picture of a horsedrawn charabanc ( bus ) drawn up at a place called Fendoch at the entranceto the Sma Glenand entitled “ Roman Camp , entranceto the Sma Glen near Methven “ Apartfrom the factthat it was somewhat closerto Crieffthan Methven , itdepicted ascene all butforgotten locally . In the days priorto the automobile , it was a popularexcursionfor the better off citizens of the town toenjoy a Sunday afternoon trip up by horse drawn coach into the mysterious hinterland that lay northwards of the Strath . Indeeduntil comparatively recentlythere was an aging signpainted on the gable end of a houseon East High Street stating “ McArthur’s Charabancstrips to the Sma Glen ” The destination was the Amulree Hotel on the road to Dunkeld and Aberfeldy . An old coaching inn itwas allegedly thebase for General Wade who withthe assistance ofmore than a few Highlandersco…