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Toshach Castle - Strathearn Stronghold of the Clan Macintosh

The Toshachs of Strathearn and Possibly the USA !

A Strathearn Castle That Has " Vanished " ! Toshach
The name“Toshach “ isnot one readily associatedwith Strathearn – indeed thoseoldercitizensamongst uswillrecallone John Toshackwho was a renowned football /soccer playerforWalesmany moons ago ! Indeed the name crops up again as “ Taoiseach” – the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic . It is derived from the Gaelic 'toiseach', meaning chief, leader or front man. An ancient title ranking next to the mormaer. The Toshach's ofMonzievaird ( pronounced mony – vaird ! ) had as their coat of arms a silver shield surmounted by a fess or horizontal bar .It has been speculated that the Toshach's of Monzievaird held the rank of barons. The Toshes (or Toshach's) of Monzievaird were derived from the Thanes of Strowan ("The Highland Clans, Sir Ian Moncreiffe ) .
“ Pit and Gallows" was a charter given by the King to the chiefs to enable them to keep law and orde…

The Murder of the “ Red Fox “ - a mystery unsolved for over 250 years

 Murder suspect Ailean Breac Stewart
                                                               Recreated likeness

Murder Site Memorial Cairn
To the memory of a man  hanged in a travesty of justice  This tale isperhaps geographically out with the normal range of this “ Blog “ but the recentpresscoverage and general interest deem that I include itforthe wideraudience .
As a schoolboy in thoseso far off days I was nurtured on the works Stevenson and Scott as well asthemore modern John Buchan . Buchanjust happenedto have been a pupil at the same establishment I attended albeitsomeyears prior ! Stevenson’s“ Kidnapped “ wasundoubtedly amongst themost popularof the “ homereaders”we hadto digest in the quest for the basics of ourScottish heritage . “ Kidnapped “ introducedme to the tale of the Appin Murder which is indelibly marked in the story of the great conflict that was the ’45 Uprising .
James Stewart of the Glen ( Seumas a’ Ghlinne ) was convicted and hangedfor the murder of Col…