Two Years of Our PerthshireCrieffStrathearn Blog

Happy Second Anniversary to the PerthshireCrieffStrathearn Local History
Blog ! Since I started  my “ blog “ back in February 2012 I have logged  up some 100 blogs covering a wide range of local history in the Crieff and Strathearn area  with a  few  from further afield .

This old blogger keeps an eye on who is reading  his scribing which homes in on Strathearn -  our beautiful and fascinating  part of  “Auld Scotia ”.These stories  have attracted  close on 30 000 hits in some twenty four months and what is  quite incredible is the diversity of nationalities logging  in to  see what our past has to reveal . The “ top ten “ countries  are perhaps  somewhat surprising and here they are  with hits to date shown :

1.United Kingdom

2. United States


4. Russia

5. France

6. Canada

7. Australia

8. Poland

9. China

10. Ukraine

Apart from the above , the blog  has regular  hits  from such diverse  parts of the globe as the Netherlands , Norway , Denmark , Brazil ,Colombia and Ireland ! I have been quite surprised  to record  the  regular  viewing of a guy ( or indeed  perhaps a lass ! ) from the remote island of Vanuatu in the Pacific east of  Australia and near New Guinea !

Eratap Beach in distant Vanuato 

I do wonder who that person is - and  that in all probability  sits under a shady coconut palm, no doubt with glass in hand , surfing  his  tablet  for tales of Strathearn in  those far off days !

To me , it is important  to know what subjects  attract the most interest . Sometimes  I will run a  story  on perhaps a more obscure topic  than would  be normal . I believe  an expose of as many of the more obscure  topics as possible is important as is the coverage of  those that attract a wider  interest . What then were the  top blogs in Crieff and Strathearn out  of the one hundred that were posted  ? Here  is  the position at present :

 1.    The Story of Weaving in Strathearn ( in 3 parts )    1085 hits

 2.    Witchcraft in Strathearn ( in 2 parts )   980 hits

3     3.          The Story of Transport in the Strath  914 hits
       4.    The Breadalbane Campbells ( in 2 parts ) 743 hits

5     5.    Lewis Miller – Crieff farm boy , lad o’ pairts and entrepreneur    446 hits

6     6.      The Burning of the Strathearn Villages  410 hits

7     7.     The Cursus of Crieff   316 hits

8     8.   The Gask Ridge – the oldest Roman Frontier in Europe   300 hits

9     9.  The leather and tanning industry in Crieff    298 hits

     10.   ( equal )   Ferntower House – a lost treasure  288 hits

1   10.  ( equal ) Sir David Baird – a monument of a man   288 hits

Thanks  for joining us  and “ lang may yer lum reek ! ”- which in everyday English means may you continue to prosper from participation in my little Blog !


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