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A Battle of Kings Fought On Our Doorstep

Perched high above Loch Turret are some of the most picturesque peaks in Strathearn. For many years visitors and locals alike have walked from the foot of the Turrett Dam past Creag Chaissean towards Choinneachain, the Blue Crags and the source of the Barvick Burn. 

Picture of the Cairn taken by Crieff author and ley line expert David Cowan

Not the highest of local hills at little over two and half thousand feet but undoubtedly one of the most interesting. In 2005 the stone cairn from which the hill gets its name celebrated a unique anniversary. The ordnance survey map proclaims both in English and our native Gaelic that it is King Kenneth’s Cairn. 

Who was Kenneth and why does this lonely peak have a cairn in his memory?  One thousand years ago (the actual date is subject to debate) a great battle was fought between Kenneth lV, King of Scots, and his cousin Malcolm. Kenneth was known as Kenneth the Grim or Kenneth the Br…

Some Important Buildings of Strathearn

Strathearn's Hidden Architectural Beauty And A Few Stories ! Braco Castle ( above ) : A tall and very extensive building covering four periods. The original fortalice has been a square tower or keep, with a projecting stair-tower, of probably 16th century construction, though possibly earlier. To it was added, towards the middle of the 17th century, an extension to the south, engulfing the stair-tower. Then a large L-shaped extension, of the same height and general style was added to the east, during the reign of George III, to form three sides of a square. Finally, in 
the Victorian era, the square was filled in with a slightly lower 'castellated' central portion and sham turrets. 

Williamston House : Near Madderty , Williamston dates back to the 16th century and  belonged to the Oliphant family of Gask . Alterations  were carried out by Laurence Oliphant who had purchased the house from Sir William Blair of Kinfauns. Historical rumour says  that Bonnie Prince Charlie rested…