Lady Mary’s Walk

Lady Mary’s Walk

A Crieff Beauty Spot

Lady Mary’s Walk is  one of Crieff and Strathearn’s  most popular and enjoyable of walks . It was formed in 1815 by Sir Patrick  Murray of Ochtertyre  and being a favourite walk of his daughter Lady Mary Murray , became  known  by her name . Lady Mary’s runs  for about a mile along the banks of the Earn from  what is known as Ling- a –wing . Miss Margaret Wright  in her journal mentions that on 12th May 1815 she “ went a little on the new walk  by the water side  , made by Sir Patrick . It must be delightful “ .  Miss Wright in these last words expresses feelings confirmed  by every native and visitor to Crieff in the last 200 years . In the account of Lady Mary’s walk in Porteous “ The History of Crieff “ , it states ( and this was  written in the first decade of the  20th Century ) that : “ It is , however  to be regretted , that the peaceful amenity  of the walk  has been somewhat spoilt by the close proximity of the  Comrie Railway  which runs  parallel to it  and the jarring rattle  of the occasional train detracts  from the true  enjoyment of the peaceful surroundings erstwhile broken  only by  the gentle murmour of the river . “

The railway , sadly is long since gone . I have always  regretted not having been able to enjoy that quite serene passage through what is surely our most picturesque landscape . Much still remains of the old line  but sadly it is no more and Strathearn is the loser . The River Earn is the superb back drop . I remember that, for a number of years , the  former Oakbank Inn sponsored a raft race from Comrie  to Crieff . A fantastic  spectacle  battling man against nature , Again – sadly no more !

All that remains of the railway viaduct across the Turret on the path  down to the Walk


Signs of the old railway


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