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Beer was brewed in the Strath before whisky was distilled !

It is not generally known that the  brewing of ale or  beer  was carried  out in the Strath long  before they started  to produce the uisge beatha or whisky . According to Porteous , it was in 1275 that  Luke , son of Theobold of Petlandy near Fowlis Wester , gave to the Abbot and Convent of Inchaffray “ the brew house of the whole land of Petlandy with the rights of the brew house “

Oats were the principal grain grown in the Strath in the 13th Century and it was written about Scotland as a whole that “ From  the multitude of brewhouses with which every division of the Kingdom appears to have been studded , from the Royal manufactories  of ale down to those in the towns, burghs , baronies and villages , it is evident that this beverage must have been consumed in  great quantities “

We cannot be specific  as to when brewing first commenced in Crieff . Reference  to documentation  concerned  with the aftermath of the 1745  Uprising in Strathearn is informative . Produced  in 1748 , “Th…

It's Been Three Years of Crieff & Strathearn Local History Blogs !

It's Been Three Years of Crieff & Strathearn Local History Blogs !
23 February 2015

Incredible that in three years  well over  100 " Blogs " have been posted on this web site . I would  like to share with you some facts and figures , both  about  my wee " blog" and about me myself ! 
How many Blogs  have you actually posted ?
Including this one some 133 have  been posted  starting on the 26 February 2012 .

How many " hits  " have you had in that time ?

To datesome 54 000 have been recorded averaging  approximately 1500 per month although in the last year it has  climbed  to an average of over 2 000 . 

Do you know where these viewers  come from?

Thanks  to the Google technology I  can analyse viewing statistics quite easily , by day, week , month or overall . In the three years we have  been on the Net the " top ten " countries have been : 

1. United Kingdom 23 366
2. USA                     11 557
3. Germany               6 349
4. France           …

The Railways of Strathearn

The Railways of Strathearn

Kildrummie Station near Methven 
NB The following is extracted from The Scottish Central Railway Perth to Stirling  by Peter Marshall published by The Oakwood Press , 1998 ( Ref ISBN 0 85361 522 )
Perth was an important port and market town for the region  but during the depression of the 1830s its citizens had been unsuccessful in raising support for a railway to improve communication with the more populous regions to the south. The mid 1840s saw the return of affluence with good harvests in 1842 and 1843 when there was said to be 25 million pounds in inactive capital in the London Stock Exchange bringing about a widespread investment in the new form of transport unfolding throughout the country . Local gentry and merchants began to see the the advantages of Perth’s situation on a prospective line from London to the north of Scotland. With their support emerged a revived line between Dundee and Perth  and another western neighbour , the …