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Crieff Past and Present Published on the 7th JANUARY 1888

 The ’45 Uprising and what happened in Crieff

In the three and a half  years I have  been editing the Strathearn Perthshire  Local History Blog , numbers  following the site have  risen considerably. Currently we have  some 3 000 " hits " per month and what  has proven more than a little  surprising is the geographical distribution of  our readers across the globe.  Approximately  one third are  from the United Kingdom Regrettably we cannot identify  the actual number logging  on from here in Scotland but in probability  it will be around 500 to 600 or , as a percentage somewhere between  15 and 20 % . The largest viewing  contingent outside the UK  is  from the USA closely  followed  by Germany . Statistics  show that we have  a considerable number of viewers in Russia, France , China and Canada as well as in other  countries  scattered a cross the Globe ! Do trust we can continue  to keep you all interested !

I have  chosen a topic  which invariably arouses  passion and int…

Crieff Crimes of Yesteryear !

Nowadays  citizens of Crieff and indeed the whole country are confronted  by a raft of legislation  concerning the family car ! The punishment  for contravening  the laws  are  extensive and quite draconian . Private car parks , parking meters , average speed cameras , lines  on the road , traffic  wardens  (aka blue meenies !! ) and so on and so on ! In days  gone by , long before Mr Daimler  had invented  the four wheel metal  box , crimes  were of a different nature and indeed  a different scale of punishment . I have  had  a look through the archives  pertaining to the town in the 18th and 19th centuries  and judge  for  yourself  whether a £60 parking  fine is  more tolerable than some of the felonies  listed below !

In 1770, Andrew Wilson from Aberfoyle  and Janet Graeme his wife were tried at Perth Circuit Court for breaking into the Waulk Mill at Monzie and stealing there from two pieces of cloth . They were found guilty and banished to the Plantations ( America ) for life . In…