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Thanks To You all ! The “ Blog “ passes the 100 000 “ hits “ goal post !

I startedthe “PerthshireCrieffStrathearn Local History “ blog some four and a half years ago with theattention of passing on as much of my accumulatedknowledge of ourlocal history as possible. This hadbeen gleanedfrom themany hours ofresearch behindmy fourbooks on Strathearn as well as the preparation requiredfor theLocal History classes run in the Crieff LearningCentre forboth Strathlearning and Perth College .
Like Topsy this blog just grew and I trust has provided a source of interest to the many peoplewho have discovered us lurkingaway in the depths of the internet !
Thismonth , August 2016 wepassed the 100 000“ hits “ mark , something I , myself nearly missed as aresult of moving housefrom Crieff to Comrie and changing my internetsupplierI havebeen off line for over amonth . Now that I am back up and runningI trust I can onceagain turnmy thoughtsto the fascinating past thatsurrounds us here in the heart of Perthshire – the ancient kingdom of Fortren ! Comrie Station
Since I started…