Thanks To You all ! The “ Blog “ passes the 100 000 “ hits “ goal post !


I started  the “PerthshireCrieffStrathearn Local History “ blog some four and a half years ago with the  attention of passing on as much of my accumulated  knowledge of our  local history as possible  . This had  been gleaned  from the  many hours of  research behind  my four  books on Strathearn as well as the preparation required  for the  Local History classes run in the Crieff Learning  Centre for  both Strathlearning and Perth College .

Like Topsy this blog just grew and I trust has provided a source of interest to the many people  who have discovered us lurking  away in the depths of the internet !

This  month , August 2016 we  passed the 100 000  “ hits “ mark  , something I , myself nearly missed as a  result of moving house  from Crieff to Comrie and changing my internet  supplier  I have  been off line for over a  month . Now that I am back up and running  I trust I can once  again turn  my thoughts  to the fascinating past that  surrounds us here in the heart of Perthshire – the ancient kingdom of Fortren !

Comrie Station

Since I started those  years  ago , I have published  158 blogs on this  site covering a wide  variety of topics and insight to the complex  fabric that wove this small country of Scotland  together . The index  of published  blogs can be  found on the published  list on the right hand side of the opening  page and is headed “Blog Archive “   . Go to the year and click on the  black arrow beside it and it  will bring up each month  with the number of blogs  published  for that particular period .The index was published on the 6 October 2014 so by clicking on the black arrow  beside the year  2014 it will bring up the  moths  and  you will note that in October of that year I published three blogs. Click on October and you will see all three  displayed . Scroll down and the index is the third one displayed . It  does  require  to be updated as it only goes up to February 2015 . I will do this hopefully within the next few weeks !

Where  do you all come from ??
As the blog author , I have  access  to an incredible amount of statistical information provided  by What is  always  intriguing is where  does  everyone  come from ? Analysis over the lifespan of this blog has  proven  more

than a little  surprising and I have laid  out below the “ top ten “ countries from the stats !The percentage is that of the total number of hits recorded .
1 . United Kingdom         39.5 % 
2. USA                           17.2 %
3. Germany                    16.8 %
4. Russia                         7.1 %
5. France                        2.5 %
6. Ukraine                       2.0 %
7. Canada                        1.6%
8. Australia                     1.1%
9. China                           0.7%
10. Ireland                      0.4 %   
I wonder how these  figures  tally in with that of Visit Scotland  our national tourist board ! I am aware that Strathearn attracts a considerable number of German tourists through Crieff based Martin and Annette Forsyth and their holiday company Wandern Schottland . I am delighted  to see that countries  such as Russia , Ukraine and China have  citizens interested in the heritage of this  part of Europe ! Greetings  to you all !
What interests you most ??

Sir David Baird

Since  the blog  appeared first in early 2012 we have covered a  myriad of topics and tales . Again through the power of modern technology we can find  out  what people found most interesting . Below again I show the “ Top 10 “from the 158 published  here .
1.     General Sir David Baird ( July 2012 )
2.    Crieff Shops and businesses  100 years  ago ( Nov 2013 )
3.    The Poorhouse and Poverty in Crieff ( March 2014 )
4.    The Story of Transport  in the Strath ( January 2012 )
5.    Lewis Miller –farm boy – religious  rebel – entrepreneur ( Sept 2012 )
6.    The Burning of the Strathearn Towns ( July 2012 )
7.    Witchcraft in Strathearn Part Two ( June 2012 )
8.    Colin’s Books on Perthshire ( Feb 2012 )
9.    Ewan (MacGregor) and Uncle Denis( Lawson )  ( Nov 2015 )
10. New Year /Hogmanay in the Strath ( December 2012 )

Thanks for looking in and I trust you will continue to enjoy these blogs!!


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