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Hidden below the Waves

Athol Davaar Lamont 

Much can be written about my great grand father  John Lamont’s children. He hadafter all some twelve in total between two spouses . I am nowgoing tolook at onewhosestory and appendages arequite incredible . Athol Davaar Lamontwas the fourth childto the marriagewith Isabell Nairn . His nameindeedfollows precedent- Athol taken from that area of Perthshire controlledby the powerful Murray Clan andwhoseChieftain, the Duke of Athol, even to thisday , is the only person in these islesto havea private army ! Davaar is a small island off Kintyre in Argyll at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch . Born in December 1891in 4c Washington Street Glasgow , Atholwas aschool boy in the1901 Census and now living at 20 Campbell Street in the Maryhill District of Glasgow .
It isunderstandablethat Athol would in probabilityend up at sea bearing in mind his background . His paternal grandfather , Colin Lamontwas a herring fisher and his maternal grand father Duncan Cameron was a merchant seama…

World War One - our family story


       German military casualties 1.8 million British military casualties 744 000 French military casualties 1.15 million  

We are remembering the 100th anniversary of theend of World War 1 .This was a tragedywhich hit notjust the British Nationbut also that ofGermany and France . I had the privilege in the1990s ofworkingboth in France and in Germany amongstsome lovely kind people and cannotforget this unique experience .My timein Francewas in the town  Dreuxnot farfrom the race track at Le Mans . Dreuxwas a town ofsome 50 000 peoplemany of whom were refugees from the Civil War in Algeriaandwereknown as the "pied noir " or black feet . In GermanyI wasbased in the Black Forest or Schwarz Wald at a touristtown called Freudenstatdt . Inboth cases I managedto absorbmuch of the local customsand way of life . Thiswasfarremovedfrom life 100 years ago ! The War saw 1.8 millionGermans killed , some 744 000 British and 1.15 million French slaughtered. Al…