The Lost Castle of Fowlis !

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Fowlis Castle is a most neglected part of our local, heritage Bereft of any signage explaining to the curious visitor its importance and significance in years gone by , it is somewhat off the beaten track but quite accessible . Heading towards Perth on the A85 , look for the Newbigging Farm sign on the left hand side about a mile and a half after New Fowlis Turn up and at the farm turn sharp left on the road to Blairmore Farm . The castle mound is about half mile on the left hand side . Barbed wire to keep the sheep in or out so watch your breeks ! This was the home of Malise , Seventh Earl of Strathearn , who had a verbal dust up with Robert the Bruce . Bruce arrived on his doorstep complete with his army . On demanding his homage, Malise’s answer was that to give it would be to break faith with the King of England. Sir John Boyd stepped forward and said to Bruce “ Give me his lands, and put him to death as you have done to others who refused to pay homage to you “. Not surprisingly Malise did a quick about turn and homage was duly paid !


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