More on Strathearn Standing Stones

We have  had a look at some of the Strath’s megoliths in recent Blogs . Here a few more . Would  recommend getting a copy of my old  mate Andrew Finlayson’s The Stones of Strathearn – a great wee  book  and beautifully produced .
Monzie Stone Circle  ( OS Ref NN882243 )
This  stone circle  lies  within the Grounds of Monzie Estate  some  2 miles or  so from  Crieff. There are some ten stones set with their broader faces facing inwards on the circumference of a circle some 17 feet in diameter (5.18 metres). When were thy erected and why ? Probably around 3 000 BC . The  exact purpose of the circle is  unclear but Andrew Finlayson in his book describes an interesting  experience  near  his  home base at Tullybannocher   just outside Comrie .
“ Standing a little way off ( the stones ) I watched as the moon  set between the rifle  fore – sight I made of the two stones . I was delighted  to  notice that the alignment  also captured the stone circle that was Druim  na Cille  half  way up the hill  a mile or  so north west . “ This adds  to the theory  that our ancient fore bearers used these large  stone  circles as a sort of  observatory of the seasons and  accordingly would regulate the planting and harvesting of their crops .
The Monzie site was investigated In 1938 . A primary cremation burial was found and some sherds  of a flat rimmed  vessel were recovered . A large  boulder lying some  eleven feet to the south west of the circle was discovered to have numerous  cup and  cup and ring markings and it  was  found  to be connected  to the circle by an informal causeway .

The Witches Stone Monzie

This standing stone is said to mark the site of Kate McNiven ,sometimes known as the witch of Monzie, execution. The  stone  however is much older and stands to the north-west of the Monzie stone circle, linked by the castle drive which meanders in an S-shape between these ancient monuments. In 1936 the stone stood "in the middle of a causeway 6 yards wide, like a Roman road" but there is no visible evidence of this now. Also disappeared is a possible barrow immediately the to the south-east of the stone, which has presumably been ploughed away.

Dunmoid or The Mound of Judgement , Comrie 

Located in a  quiet  little nook next t o Comrie Cemetery and fronting onto the  back road between Comrie and Crieff , was investigated  back in 1910 by FR Coles .At that time of the four  stone  comprising  the Circle  two were standing. Now only on remains upright . The Circle is some 15’ in diameter When excavation took place a  stone cist was discovered  in front  of the largest slab containing   thigh bone . A separate  find of  an urn was made  containing ashes .


  1. I discovered Andrew and his book fairly recently. It's a quality production.


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